We offer a wide range of services to our clients, in order to make the tour a more complete and satisfying event. Some of these services are included in the guiding fee, while others may involve additional payment. This will be specified in the tour quote.

  • Reservations: We are happy to recommend hotels and restaurants to our clients, often based on earlier feedback from groups. Concerning hotels, we prefer that booking is done by the client. For restaurants, we can offer table booking, but prefer that menu choices are sorted out between the restaurant and the group, in order to avoid any misunderstanding. However, we can provide advice and explanations, if necessary.
  • Transportation: We can book charter bus services, including airport transfers, as well as charter boat tours on the Oslo fjord. We can also provide public transportation tickets for the group.
  • Meetings with architectural / landscape architecture offices, presenting relevant projects and their views on design, sustainability, etc. A general presentation will usually be in the office, but on site presentation is possible for single projects. This may be complimentary, or involve an extra fee.
  • Meetings with developers, for housing or larger transformation projects, as well as relevant contruction companies and consultants.
  • Meetings with public offices, like the city planning office of Oslo, with for instance lectures about the town’s policy on sustainability, transformation etc., and presentation of the informative and interactive city model.
  • Lectures by our staff, for instance about the history and development of Oslo.
  • Assistance with other services, like Segway rental, bike rental (though we also offer bike tours) or guiding outside our own competence, like in museums or an inside visit of the Opera.
  • Information and recommendations about what to see and do in Oslo in general, and suggestions for destinations in other parts of Norway.



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Cli­ent Feed­back

”Henning is very experienced.
The group was a group of people in real estate, construction and their partners. For each group member the tour was very interesting. The ones with the very special... Read More

”broad knowledge, interesting details, he had a very good German, we were totally happy”

«- varied tour/program - perfect
- perfectly organized
- details of buildings well explained
- additional explanations on the urban planning concept
- very interesting and informative days!!!... Read More

“Henning: Diane and I are flying home today. We want you to know how much we
enjoyed your tour of Oslo's architecture. It was the high point of our trip. The cultural and historical background you... Read More

“The rapid growth and the quality of Norwegian architecture was amazing for everyone. All of us enjoyed the tour very much and I am sure, Sto will come back to Oslo (or other places in Norway) in... Read More

“The tour of Oslo with Henning was really interesting, his explanations were clear and exhaustive and he also gave us very useful suggestions for the rest of our time in Oslo.”

“Henning was reliable as usual when organising the excursion. The high quality of his guiding and the relaxed atmosphere during the tour was as I knew it from past excursions, and made it that... Read More

“Great tour, very informative, Barbara did an excellent job.”

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